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Victoria Jewelry

One of Canada’s oldest cities on the West, Victoria gets its name from Queen Victoria. A city that is filled with culture and history, it has a thriving tourism industry greeting visitors from Canada, the US, Britain and countries throughout the world. Visitors are met with an array of gardens and city parks that thrive in Victoria’s temperate climate. With remarkable colonial-style architecture and a modern atmosphere, it’s easy to see the appeal of this small capital city.

Tourists come for the climate and gardens, but they also come to shop. Luxury retailers do well in this town including many jewelry stores. Those looking for a diamond engagement ring would do well to search the many shops in downtown Victoria. And Victoria also makes a great place to propose due to its romantic grace.

For those looking for high-end jewelry without a high-end price tag, Majesty Diamonds makes a great option. Our wholesale pricing and free shipping in Canada and the US make shopping with us a pleasure. In fact, our entire selection of jewelry is available on our website so residents of Victoria can easily buy from us. We offer a money-back guarantee so our customers can shop with peace of mind.

Photo credit: Pat David. Photo has been cropped and resized for use on this site.