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Canada Jewelry Industry

Canada has long been known for its rich natural resources, including the alluvial mines where diamonds are found. In fact, more than 15 million carats worth of diamonds have been mined here since 1998 bringing in over 3 billion dollars to the national economy. This makes Canada the 3rd largest diamond producer globally. Whether they come from Canada or not, this country is known as an international center for diamond and precious gemstone trade. Fine jewelry can be found in many of Canada’s major cities.

To facilitate trade and production, diamond districts are common in many Canadian cities. Montreal, Vancouver, Toronto and other cities all center their diamond-related commerce into specific commercial areas. These are often the best places to go shopping for diamond jewelry as many retail locations are located in diamond districts.

These are great places to look for ideas, but the markup in diamond district stores is sometimes substantial. One of the best ways to buy high-quality jewelry at a great price is to buy online. Majesty Diamonds offers wholesale jewelry—including engagement rings and diamond stud earrings—at a price significantly below retail.

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