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Jewelry Care

Care for your jewelry with our diamond care tips

Whether it's a ring, bracelet, earring or necklace, your jewelry should be able to withstand regular use. Even though your jewelry should be sturdy enough to hold up for everyday wear, try to protect jewelry from scratches, sharp blows, harsh chemicals, extreme temperatures and excessive exposure to sunlight.

These diamond care tips will show you how:

  • When doing household tasks such as gardening and cleaning, be certain to remove your rings,
  • Check jewelry ring mounts often so you are sure to notice any problems,
  • Prior to engaging in high impact sports, take off your jewelry as you may scratch the metal or chip the stones.
  • The prongs of some rings do wear down. Be certain that stones mounted in rings are not loose. If the prongs wear down too much or break, you may lose the stone, Prongs are easily re-tipped to keep the stone secure,

General jewelry tips

Most metals and stones are very easily scratched so it is crucial to maintain the integrity and care for jewelry by adhering to the tips below:

  • For jewelry storage, always store different pieces separately so they don't scratch one another,
  • Take off jewelry before swimming in a swimming pool. The chlorine can cause damage to various gemstones and gold. Gemstones may become loose in their settings and fall out,
  • Put your jewelry on only after washing and applying any makeup or hair spray,
  • Do not store your pearl jewelry in plastic bags,
  • To avoid tarnishing, store silver jewelry in plastic bags with an interlocking seal.

You should also avoid storing your jewelry next to a heating vent, window sill or on a car dashboard. Consider storing jewelry away from sunlight as the sun may fade the gemstones. Also, make sure you always store bead necklaces, such as lapis and pearls, flat.

Metal Hardness

Hardness is based on an industry standard called the Mohs scale. The higher the number, the harder the material is. The highest Mohs scale rating is 10, the rating of most diamonds. Anything with a rating below 7 is easily scratched. Gold, silver and platinum have hardness levels of only 2.5 to four.