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Majesty Diamonds thrives on providing top-notch customer service. Positive reviews from our customers are what keep us motivated and excited to provide excellent service. Below are some of the reviews that customers have sent to us after receiving their jewelry. Also, customer stories can be read at our My Story page where photos are also featured.


"To have a piece of jewelry that we custom designed to represent our love and commitment and to pass onto future generations as a cherished family heirloom was an amazing experience. Thank you to Ryan and the staff at Majesty for helping us make such wonderful memories! - Christy S, 2016


"LOVE this ring ! Please let us know when the matching match band comes back in stock so we can order it as well.. Thank you for great customer service & gorgeous diamonds!" Lori W, 2016


"Thank you Majesty Diamonds for creating the most beautiful ring (and apparently at a beautiful price for my budget crazy fiance!)" - Michelle S,2016


"In February, my wife lost her small diamond pendant, and she was very upset about that. In fact, she thought she will never get such a piece again, due to the fact that she was "careless". I decided to save the day by buying her another diamond pendant, this time with a single diamond. After the initial disbelief, she was so happy that the glean in her eyes matched the glean of the diamond!" Veljko D. - 2015


"I found this ring online and knew it was perfect for her so I set up a really nice date and took her to her favorite restaurant. Then we went for a walk by the river and I told her exactly how I felt. She was crying before I even pulled out the ring—and if I’m being honest, so was I." Tyrone B, 2014


"My fiancée loved this engagement ring! I knew exactly the style she wanted because I checked the history on her computer and all the rings she was looking at looked more or less the same. So I just clicked add to cart and waited. I wasn’t sure about buying online, but I figured I could always return it. So when it came a couple days later, I was really shocked to open the box and find it was perfect."- Jana M., 2014