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Quebec Jewelry

Quebec City is the capital and second-largest city of Quebec. But it is far more than simply a political center. The city is known as a cultural capital and major center for tourism not in small part due to its impressive history. The fact that Quebec has been continuously populated since Samuel de Champlain founded it in 1608 makes it one of the oldest cities in North America. Named after the Algonquin word Kébec, meaning “where the river narrows,” Quebec is situated on the Saint Lawrence River at a point where it narrows and becomes more easily crossable.

The wall surrounding the Historic District of Old Quebec was declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1985. Quebec is also home to the National Museum of Fine Arts of Quebec and the Museum of Civilization. This city with so much history and culture is also home to a wide array of shops and luxury retailers. In fact, finding expensive diamond jewelry in Quebec is an easy chore. What can be a challenge is finding high-quality jewelry at an affordable price.

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Photo credit: Sandra Cohen-Rose and Colin Rose. Photo has been cropped and resized for use on this site.