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Step one: Find the person you want to spend your life with. Step two: Find the perfect engagement ring. With our impressive collection of diamond rings, you can shop by carat weight, diamond shape, quality and price. We offer both classic and stylish diamond shapes at affordable wholesale pricing, giving you a wide selection of styles to choose from.

When it comes to the engagement ring, knowing your bride-to-be's personality and sense of style will help you make the right choice in the diamond shape that will best suit her. With seven diamond shapes to choose from, you are guaranteed to find the perfect engagement ring for your sweetheart.

Round Diamond Engagement Rings

Round cut diamond rings are the classic choice when it comes to diamond shape, and a true favorite amongst brides. The round cut is the most popular diamond cut. One of the main draws to this cut, is that of all the diamond shapes, they are the easiest to set and can be fashioned to any style you desire. They also reflect the most light due to their circular shape, and tend to give off more shimmer than other diamond cuts. Another appealing feature is that the round cut flatters any hand; with its simple and classic design, these rings make for an elegant piece with a timeless beauty.

Princess Diamond Engagement Rings

This diamond shape has truly earned its royal name. Whether your partner prefers the classic solitaire setting or a more glamorous pave halo design, these square cut diamonds are more modern and stylish than their round cut counterpart. This particular diamond shape tends to look better on smaller hands, and will suit a bride that is stylishly conscientious and wants a ring that will enhance her everyday look.

Oval Diamond Engagement Rings

Although it's a more untraditional take on the classic round cut, the oval diamond shape is similar to that of the round cut in that this diamond looks fabulous in any setting and these rings have an elegant and classic look. The oval shape is also quite flattering, in that it makes fingers appear longer and slimmer. The most important feature of an oval shape diamond is that because the diamond is elongated, a smaller carat size will appear larger. This style suits a modern bride, who still has traditional roots.

Pear Diamond Engagement Rings

Also known as the teardrop diamond, the pear cut diamond is both timeless and chic in appearance. Due to its shape, it tends to sparkle more than the other diamond cuts. These rings look simply amazing in rose or yellow gold, and there is a whimsical aura to this diamond shape that lends a subtle playfulness to the design. Perhaps the playfulness stems from the versatility of the shape, as you can wear the diamond facing up or down. In terms of settings, the pear looks striking with either a solitaire or halo setting. This style is suited to more fun and fashionable brides, who want to stand out from the crowd.

Cushion Diamond Engagement Rings

Next only to the round and princess diamond shapes, the cushion cut diamond is the next most sought after diamond cut for brides. The recent surge in popularity is due to several reasons. Being classic and versatile in design, these cushiony diamonds are unique in shape. With no two cushion cut diamonds exactly the same, it lends to a more unique level of individuality. Their rounded corners also increase the facet size, making these diamonds glisten like the sun. In terms of a setting, a vintage setting would certainly enhance the gorgeous appearance of this diamond shape. This style of diamond is suited to the more glamorous bride.

Marquise Diamond Engagement Rings

Simply unforgettable, the marquise diamond shape is as regal as they come. With their unique shape, and vintage appeal, these rings look fabulous with yellow or rose gold and simply look phenomenal when they are fashioned with side stones. Of all the diamond cuts, the marquise looks the best when set with a gemstone. However you choose to fashion your marquise diamond engagement ring, this style is perfect for the trendsetting and vivacious bride.

Radiant Diamond Engagement Rings

Boasting much shimmer, the radiant cut diamond is both modern and fashionable in design. These diamonds shine just as much as a round cut diamond, but due to its many facets, it hides its imperfections and discoloration better than other diamond shapes. Of all the diamond cuts, it is possible to get a larger, more flawed radiant cut diamond without having to worry about the imperfections coming across like they would in other diamond cuts. The best setting for a radiant diamond is either a solitaire or a three-stone setting, and these rings look stunning with mixed metals.