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Wish Lists

Create a wish list

Let your friends or family know what you really want. Creating a wish list is easy and fun. First, log in to your account. Click the link that says Wish lists.

From here any wish list you have already created will be displayed. If you want to add a new one click Create a new wish list.

Give your wish list a name. Be creative. Or not. It’s your wish list, do whatever you want. Whatever you do, make sure you will be able to remember which list is which if you have a lot.

If you want us to create a website for your wish list that you can share with your friends, be sure to check the box that says I want to be able to share this wish list. Click Save wish list and you are all set. If you see something you like on our site, just make sure to check the correct wish list and click Add to wishlist.

If you have made a sharable wish list and you want to email it to a friend, go to My account, click Wish lists and select the wish list you want to share. You will find the link at the bottom of the page where it says Share this wish list with friends. Just copy and paste the URL in an email, Facebook message, text or anywhere you want.