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Edmonton Jewelry

The Gateway to the North, Edmonton is a growing urban center with a reputation as a city that exploits its abundant natural resources including diamonds and oil. In fact, Edmonton is one of the best places to find loose diamonds in all of Canada. There are also plenty of retailers who call Edmonton home and finding exquisite designs is easier in Edmonton than in a lot of larger cities.

Edmonton is a great center for anyone looking to shop as West Edmonton Mall holds the title of Canada’s largest mall, it was the largest globally from 1981 until 2004. The mall is also a great location to search for the perfect diamond stud earrings or black diamond necklace. Many retailers set up shop in West Edmonton Mall and with attractions like World Waterpark and Ice Palace, spending the entire day at the mall is easy to do.

Edmonton is interesting all year round. Sometimes called the Festival City, Edmonton hosts festivals throughout the year which are frequented by locals and tourists alike. With so many festivals there is something for everyone.

Edmonton natives will enjoy being able to find incredible jewelry from their homes online with Majesty Diamonds. Our entire selection of wholesale diamond jewelry is available for purchase online. We offer free secure shipping to Edmonton and any Canadian address.

Photo credit: Heidi G. Photo has been cropped and resized for use on this site.