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Canada’s capital city, Ottawa, is well positioned to buy jewelry from Majesty Diamonds

Ottawa is the flourishing urban center that has been the capital of Canada for over 150 years. More than one million people call it home and it is rated as a city with one of the highest levels of quality of life in all the Americas. The cityscape is full of romantic, picturesque buildings with modern architecture becoming increasingly prominent.

Tourists and new residents flock to Ottawa, not only for its rich history and beautiful architecture, but also for its welcoming atmosphere. And that’s not all Ottawa has to offer. The active streets are full of parks, malls and some of the country’s finest museums.

As one of Canada’s most populated municipalities, Ottawa does an impressive diamond trade and it is home to some renowned jewelry designers and retail stores. It would be easy to spend the value of a small house on jewelry from several of the more popular Ottawa jewelry stores.

Fortunately for those located in Ottawa, there is a much less expensive jewelry solution that’s as close as your computer. Majesty Diamonds, located only two hours away in Montreal, offers our entire collection of jewelry—including black diamond pendants and halo engagement rings—online. We ship securely and fast for free anywhere in Canada. If you want an excuse to visit Montreal, make an appointment and stop by our showroom to see our jewelry in person.


Photo credit: tsaiproject. Photo has been cropped and resized for use on this site.