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Toronto Jewelry

As the largest city in Canada, Toronto has a reputation within the diamond industry for its luxury jewelry retails stores. The metropolitan feeling of the city pulls in urbanites and tourists alike to experience the high-paced life. Visitors feel, perhaps paradoxically, at ease in the modern but welcoming city.

But Toronto is more than a great vacation destination, it also hosts the largest diamond exchange in Canada. Wholesalers and retailers flock to buy loose diamonds in bulk to set and sell. The average Joe can’t buy from an exchange, but anyone can get wholesale pricing from Majesty Diamonds.

At Majesty Diamonds, we put our entire stock of diamond and gemstone jewelry online making it available for purchase from anyone in Toronto, our hometown of Montreal or anywhere on the planet. If you are in the market for a diamond engagement ring, wedding band, or other diamond jewelry item, explore our website to find exactly what you need. We offer free secure shipping anywhere in Canada, including Toronto.

Photo credit: Anton Bielousov. Photo has been cropped and resized for use on this site.