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Winnipeg Jewelry

The Chicago of the North, Winnipeg is Manitoba’s largest city and one of the largest in Canada. But Manitoba is not simply a populate center, it is home to an impressive array of cultural institutions. With its many libraries, concert halls and an interesting lineup of annual festivals, it’s easy to see why Winnipeg has become a popular tourist destination. Winnipeg has a rich history that extends beyond European settlement. In fact, Aboriginal peoples used Winnipeg as a trading hub for years before Europeans arrived and it has been a natural choice to center financial activities ever since.

Winnipeg continues to be an important city for retail businesses and many luxury retail brands maintain locations throughout the city. The jewelry industry does particularly well in Winnipeg and it is possible to find loose diamonds, either in the rough or expertly cut and polished. Due to the abundance of diamonds, retail jewelers are not hard to come by in Winnipeg.

For those wishing to avoid the hassles associated with traditional retail stores, Majesty Diamonds is available. We offer diamond engagement rings, wedding bands, earrings and more. Winnipeggers will enjoy the online shopping experience and the fact that we offer free secure shipping anywhere in the US and Canada. And our money-back guarantee allows our customers to shop with peace of mind.

Photo credit: Robert Linsdell. Photo has been cropped and resized for use on this site.