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Certificate of Authenticity


A diamond certificate comes with each piece of Majesty Diamonds jewelry

Most jewelers offer a diamond certificate—a report that contains information about a particular diamond’s color, clarity, cut, carat weight and additional information such as fluorescence, symmetry or polish.

Other names for a diamond certificate are a certificate of authenticity, a diamond dossier, a diamond grading report or a certificate of appraisal. Whatever it is called, the certificate contains an appraised retail value for the piece which can be used for insurance purposes. Majesty Diamonds is happy to offer you a diamond certificate with every purchase of $300 or more (excluding all silver products).

Every stone is individually graded and you can expect your diamond certificate to have comments that will provide specific details as to the quality of the stone.

In accordance with the Scientific Gemological Laboratory, our diamond certificate evaluates each stone according to the following criteria:

  • Shape and Cutting Style–description of diamond shape and cutting style.
  • Measurement–the exact height and width of the stone.
  • Weight–the exact weight down to the nearest hundredth of a carat.
  • Depth–the depth (of a round diamond) or width (of a fancy shaped diamond) in relation to the diameter.
  • Table–in relation to the diameter, the table facet (of a round diamond) or width (of a fancy shaped diamond.)
  • Girdle–the range of thickness of the girdle.
  • Culet–the culet facet appearance.
  • Finish–the polish and symmetry grades.
  • Clarity–the grade of clarity when viewed under 10x magnification.
  • Color–the color grade.
  • Fluorescence–when viewed under UV light, the color, and strength of color.
  • Comments–a detailed description of any other diamond characteristics not mentioned elsewhere. This is also where you will find the appraised value of your piece.